2 thoughts on “The Trouble with Logs Across the Trails

  1. Enough, please. Why must all of our outdoor lands be disneyfied? I like well maintained trails, but I also like wild places. Also, if you want to cut a large log you do not need a loud chainsaw to do the job. Misery whips can get the job done – they use them on Sequia blow-downs – and those are some seriously big trees.


  2. It seems as the “noise” produced by chainsaws is the biggest complaint I hear from wilderness users about chainsaws. But then most seem to agree that if the use was highly restricted (say to just one week each year) they could live with that noise. Most users of the trails can’t tell the difference between a cut made with a crosscut and one made by a chainsaw, so, if not for the sound, it doesn’t seem their is much difference, IMHO.


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