Friends of Seven Devils…begining the discussion:

We at the Friends of Seven Devils believe it is time to begin the rational discussion about the limited use of chainsaws in the wilderness………….AND………..we would like your comments……..PRO and CON.

Why?  is this discussion necessary?

I was talking with someone a short time ago and that person said it would require an act of Congress to change the Wilderness Act to allow the use of chainsaws in wilderness areas.  That just isn’t so,  the Wilderness Act already has provisions for allowing motorized equipment (including chainsaws) for administrative purposes and allows the Forest Supervisors to make that decision.


Another individual said that if we allowed the use of chainsaws, then we’d have to allow the use of bicycles.  Again, another misconception about he Wilderness Act.  As stated above, the use of motorized equipment for administrative use is provided in the Act, but use of bicycles for recreation is not….therefore, to allow bicycle use for recreational purposes, Congressional action would be necessary.


Do we at Friends of the Seven Devils want indiscriminate use of chainsaws in the Wilderness?  Absolutely not….however, we do believe that limited use, say that one week of the year, would/could be acceptable to most people, providing a much needed boost to the agencies to maintain trails.


So, let’s begin the discussion.  Is  limited chainsaw use in the wilderness acceptable to you?


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