The Wilderness Problem

This blog post will be dedicated to the “problem”, that is, the difficulty, given the increased costs, and decreased budgets, for the “agencies” to properly maintain the wilderness trails for travel.  I will not attempt to describe the problem, instead, I will post links (and ask that you also feel free to post links and describe your experiences) that describe the lack of maintenance problem.


  1.   This article I believe really sum it up:Trouble in Wilderness

2.  And here is another article, specifically about the Seven Devils, Hells Canyon                           Wilderness: Spokesman-Review

3.  The problem was described in a re-print of the Idaho Department of Parks and           Recreation summit on trail maintenance funding held in 2016 by stating:

U.S.D.A Forest Service National Backlog (FY12, Government Accounting Office Report, June, 2013)  158,000 total trail mileage

 Only 25% are considered to meet agency standards

 Backlog of maintenance needs estimated at $314 million.

And also as stated by Kent Wellner:

Kent Wellner, USDA Forest Service – Over the last five years, they have had a substantial cut in funding. They are looking for ways to make things work with less money.

Source is:  Idaho Dept. Parks and Recreation Summit

4)  An article in the “Observer” talking specifically about the Hells Canyon Recreation Area and the Wallowa-Whitman N.F.   LaGrande Observer, stating that the FS  “budgets have whittled away the ability of seasonal crews to clear more than a fraction of the trails”!

5) The Washington Trails Association posted a discussion about the latest legislation,









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